Our documentary in Nepal focuses on the externalities of voluntourism. Voluntourism is the blend of volunteering and tourism where people go to foreign countries to be both a tourist and a volunteer. However this has become a major business and many volunteers in foreign countries cause unintended negative (and positive) consequences. This documentary doesn’t want to stop volunteering, however it shines a light on the importance of being an educated volunteer, understanding learning service, and making sure that future volunteers think critically about the impacts and effects of their volunteering experience. On this site we have added a couple grassroots organizations which do not require money for volunteering however they will require a time commitment and that an individual has useful skills.

While many volunteering organizations do require payments to cover overhead and expensive administration costs, all legitimate organizations will have a high level of transparency so you can see where your money is actually going. Before going to Nepal (or any country to volunteer) we recommend you read this interesting paper published by NGN (Next Generation Nepal) or this page for learning service.

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