Meet the crew


Barak Laub: Before returning to college at the age of 24 to attend Columbia University in the city of New York, Barak had spent the last 6 years working and traveling attempting to find the meaning of life and answer the question of what was important to him and what kind of difference he wanted to make. During that time he traveled through over 30 countries, all the while volunteering, working, and writing. He currently works full time as a substitute teacher on Maui Hawaii and volunteers with Akaku community television when he is not surfing or playing Rugby.

raymond antelope

Raymond Steege: Raymond, moved to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue his dream of working in film, after struggling to break into the industry he has moved up to the position of assistant production supervisor. He was worked on dozens of commercials as well as contributed his expertise to feature films. Raymond has been friends with Barak since they were both five years old and after having watched Barak and his extensive traveling they began working on the makings of a documentary which has now been four years in the making.


Michael: After high school, Michael joined the Marine Corps Infantry for 4 years. At the end of his contract, he attended community college with such academic rigor that he was able to transfer to Columbia University in 2012. There, he is on several dance clubs, volunteers on the Morocco Project of Engineers without Borders(picture above), and works as a TA for Calculus. He is majoring in Computer Science and hopes to work in the film industry, specifically utilizing Computer Animation.

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