Leaving Nepal

So we are wrapping up our first visit to Nepal, we will be heading down to Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha) and to the four holy sites of Buddhism, known as the places of his birth, enlightenment, spinning of the wheel of Dhamma, and his death. We will also visit holy sites for Hinduism (e.g. Varanasi, Rishikesh…) and Sikhism. At the moment we are transitioning from our focus of the first episode on Voluntourism to focus on the second episode I.e. Religion, Spirituality and the Caste system of South Asia. We will return to our focus on Voluntourism in a few months when we return to Nepal during the busy Tourist season. Also a new member of the Guevara
Effect will be joining us in just over a week, a good friend and fellow Columbia University student Michael Falkenstein will be coming out to work as a camera man and he will also be essential during our phase of the Ladakh pass. Unfortunately due to slow (when existent) internet speeds and constant power outages our updates have been delayed however the progress we have made so far is extraordinary and we appreciate everyone’s help and support.photo_1



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