Kriayt Women’s Empowerment Center

One of the wonderful organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working with was Kriayt, a women’s empowerment initiative set up by the wonderful Annie, a social worker from Australia currently working in Pokhara Nepal by running a business known as the Bamboo Cafe, which sits on the lake, and whose profits she funnels into Kriayt to keep the women employed, even during the off season. All of Kriayt’s profits go directly to the women working at the organization and the new training center Annie was recently asked to take over due to her success. Although at this point you can only volunteer with Kriayt if you have an actual skill (i.e. social worker, seamstress, web-development, etc) you can still be involved by buying their products, either to resell through storefronts in your home country, or to give as gifts. It is also possible to sponsor one of their girls or be part of their educational loan program. For more information about Kriayt you can view their webpage at or their facebook


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