The primary action camera we are using is a GOPro Hero Black edition, we will be using this for driving shots, some secondary shots for interviews and incognito filming.
(Edit 2/13/15) We found the GoPro was not ideal for incognito filming because of its large size and flashing red light. The go pro has achieved enough international fame that even when the light is covered people can instantly recognize a GoPro and its mount on either a vehicle or helmet. On the plus side GoPros and GoPro accessories can be bought all over India and Nepal.

Our primary camera is a Canon 70d, we will be using this camera for the majority of our documentary, the Canon 70d has superior video footage to the canon 7d and though it is not as powerful as the Canon 5d it costs significantly less and will meet our needs for video footage perfectly.
(Edit 2/13/15) Our intern Michael brought a 2nd 70d so we were able to shoot simultaneously on two cameras which was a help to our production. We also used a Lavalier as well as a shotgun mic in order to get the best audio quality with limited resources. Below you can see an example of us setting up a shot with our limited tools and crew in a small village outside of Manali, India.

setting up shot

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