Getting ready to return.

So we have been away from Nepal for almost two years at this point. We’ve made a lot of progress on our documentary and hope to have it into post production in the next few months. We are looking forward to returning to Nepal to see all of our old friends as well as to find updates on what’s happened with so many volunteers, youth, and locals and how their opinions and experiences have changed in the last two years. We are still hoping to find a volunteer who was planning on going to Nepal so that we could document their experience from before they left until after they returned. Also quite interestingly we will be able to see if there have been any major changes. As always we are looking for interested NGO’s, youth, and invested third parties to interview and talk to.

Back in Nepal

So me and Raymond are back in Nepal working on our main story of Voluntourism. However India has been an amazing time, we rode our motorcycles through Delhi, Srinagar, Leh, Manali, Dharamsala and Rishikesh, before being stuck overnight at a border crossing, where we slept outside in full gear to avoid the onslaught of mosquitoes. During the last three months were able to uncover some amazing things about the impacts tourism has on places all over northern India, as well as where you should volunteer (Dharamsala), go trekking (Leh, Manali), or just play it shanti and get high for months at a time (parts of Himchal Pradesh), as well as the long lasting impacts that those decisions have on the locals and future visiting community. We have gathered over 100 hours of film which we are going to compress down into under an hour and it will take time before we are actually able to release the full episode. However you can expect more regular updates as well as new pages. We plan on bringing you more information on how to get involved and current issues surrounding the area. If you have any immediate questions feel free to post on the page or contact us through facebook. You can also reach me at


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Trapped in Jammu for 9 days


After being trapped in the mountains of Jammu for 9 days we have got in contact with some people in Srinagar who need volunteers and medicine. After splitting the cost of around $100 in antibiotics, tetanus shots, re-hydration packets and numerous other supplies we were requested to procure, we are going to attempt to go to Srinagar via Kishtwar. The road is currently impossible for heavy traffic however we are hoping to make it with the Enfields because there are thousands of trapped people and it feels pointless to do nothing. If it’s impossible we will be forced to turn back and wait. Keep the people of Kashmir in your thoughts as they are in a very difficult situation right now. Attached is a photo of one of the landslides which has kept us in these mountain passes.


Raymond and I are currently in Varanasi documenting religion, drug use, tourism and the huge differences between cultures, we leave tomorrow for Bodhgaya and will return here In a couple days to continue filming before heading to Kusinigar and Delhi, thanks for following and if you want to be involved feel free to message us and follow us on Facebook or Twitter and of course our website




Leaving Nepal

So we are wrapping up our first visit to Nepal, we will be heading down to Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha) and to the four holy sites of Buddhism, known as the places of his birth, enlightenment, spinning of the wheel of Dhamma, and his death. We will also visit holy sites for Hinduism (e.g. Varanasi, Rishikesh…) and Sikhism. At the moment we are transitioning from our focus of the first episode on Voluntourism to focus on the second episode I.e. Religion, Spirituality and the Caste system of South Asia. We will return to our focus on Voluntourism in a few months when we return to Nepal during the busy Tourist season. Also a new member of the Guevara Continue reading Leaving Nepal

10 days and counting

We’ve bought our tickets for Nepal, and leave on July 8th, for our last 10 days in Los Angeles we will be doing the last of our pre-planning and purchasing the remaining gear we need.We are interviewing potential cameramen. If you have any interesting in being involved get in contact with us immediately.

Leaving Hawaii

So the adventure is underway, today me and Raymond are leaving Hawaii to head back to California for a couple weeks before we embark for India. The cameras are all bought and we have developed a map of where we are going, all that’s left now is to land in Delhi.