About the Guevara Effect

The phrase Guevara Effect is typically used to reflect on the stereotypical pictures of Che Guevara which usually consist of the colors red, white and black. However the way we use the phrase is two pronged and coined from an idea Barak had during his journey through India while reading The Motorcycle Diaries. 

The first meaning that occurred to  Barak , is that part of the reason for Che’s dramatic change in personality during his journey is that being on a motorcycle constantly exposes someone to their own mortality and never allows them to escape into the separate comforts of a car, train or plane, the traveler is constantly exposed to the sights, smells and sounds of the country they are traveling.

The second was based on the idea that Che probably started out with good motives and hoped to make a positive change, however due to a lack of information or understanding, Che helped bring about the collapse of Congo as well as lead the extrajudicial killing and torture of tens of thousands of Cubans and South Americans. Through this lens we will explore how sometimes ideas or concepts which seem negative can actually benefit the communities and individuals involved, meanwhile seemingly positive events often lead to far more negative and unintended  consequences than could be imagined.

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